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Different Planets (1 of ?)

Listening to David Cameron on World at One today (he seems to have taken it over), his main proposal for parliamentary reform seemed to be to make all the constituencies nearer to the same size (I think this involves carving up the Isle of Wight).

Now Caroline Spelman on Any Questions defending first past the post as:

  • enabling you to throw out a government – leaving aside that outside the marginals you can’t because your vote does not count, we may see Labour come third in the popular vote but continue as a minority government.
  • giving a clear result – well Labour winning again would be a clear result, but if it did so after coming third in the popular vote it is scarcely reasonable.

Caroline Spelman would seem to prefer an illegitimate Labour Government (based on third place) to a fair system, because every so often her party will “win” the Great British Election Lottery.

I’m on a different planet to that lot; anyone with me?


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