Outside the marginals

a commentary on the politics that followed the UK 2010 & 2015 elections

New Politics, new parties?

Behind the Conservative Liberal Democrat Coalition, there may be a nascent political development.

This is actually a Liberal-Christian Democrat Coalition where the Social Democrats in the Liberal-Democrat party have been railroaded by the Whiggish Liberals, and the Tories in the Conservative Party have been railroaded by the Christian Democrats.  In the Liberal Democrats it looks to be the “Orange Book” Liberals running the show, and in the Conservatives Cameron was certainly trying to sound “one-nation-ish” outside Downing Street yesterday.  The “Soggies” as the old Liberal Party used to refer to the Social Democrats are no-where, ditto most of the toxic Tories.

They may all cling together to make it work, but under a reformed voting system (such as STV*), the parties could split into their constituent parts (ditto Labour between Socialists & Democratic Socialists).  Then we, the electorate, could express more precisely the flavour of representative that we want, which could lead to more comfortable coalitions.

So take your pick

  • Tebbitt Tories
  • Cameron Christian Democrats
  • Laws Liberals
  • Shirley Williams Social Democrats
  • David Miliband Democratic Socialists
  • Scargill Socialists

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