Outside the marginals

A commentary on the politics that followed the UK 2010, 2015 & 2017 elections

On the European Margins

The original motivation behind this blog was that because I do not live in a marginal constituency I (and everyone else in the same position) don’t really matter.

Looking to Europe (the EU) we, as a country, find ourselves on the margins just when we should not be and consequently we do not matter as much as we should.

The election of the Socialist Francois Hollande to the French Presidency (BBC News Website 6 May 2012) probably means a change in the balance of power from a right-wing “Market Model” of Europe to a more “Social Model” as Germany is left as the only large engaged market oriented economy.  It needs a strong engaged market oriented ally.  I don’t think it will find one.

The results of the Greek election and the forthcoming Dutch election mean that we face a period of uncertainty.  What-ever we feel should be the direction of the Euro-zone – and our country as we are tousled in the wash of the problems of the Euro-zone, uncertainty is not good.  Even if we desire a change of direction the turmoil in getting there may do more damage to us than the change may benefit us.

Does Cameron even realise the opportunity that he should be looking at – but which is denied to him because of his tribal anti-Europeanism?


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