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Cameron’s Home Truths

Basically if you are under 25, you can’t have one. (BBC News Website 24 June 192012)

This presents an interesting bind:

  • Under 25 and without a job, but you can stay at home sharing a bedroom with your teenage siblings
  • Move away for a job (“on yer bike”), but you have to live on the streets (unless you move to a cheap area – where there are no jobs)

So Posh-boy, what’s it to be:

Perhaps we need a “non-condemn” solution?

  • Jobs (Oh I forgot that is a private sector responsibility, and the private sector is waiting for the banks, the banks are waiting for consumer confidence, consumers are waiting for jobs)
  • Decent basic affordable available rental accommodation.  (I remember living in a YMCA hostel after leaving school and working away from where I was dragged up).  I suspect, however, that funding for such schemes is being cut.

I don’t think Posh-boy understands that not all young people are feckless benefit scroungers.  A few are (inevitably – a few Tory donors are rogues – inevitably), but he should not tar the majority with the same toff-pleasing brush.

He also needs to remember that the “great unwashed” will not inherit wealth or property, but will have to save for a mortgage deposit if they are ever to own property.  And in our “property-owning democracy”, owning property has been one of the best ways to ensure your financial future.  For true social mobility (a concept that I suspect fills posh-boys with a sense of horror), you have to be able to access means of becoming wealthy and self-supporting.

Alternatively, he and Gideon may want to think how they can disassemble (very carefully) our reliance on a single commodity (housing) for investment.  That would be radical.


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One thought on “Cameron’s Home Truths

  1. The Government “solution” seems to be to pump up the house buying bubble? It could all come tumbling down if:

    • we have a period of negative equity (not unknown), or if
    • interest rates return to more normal (30 year average rates)

    The press seem to “welcome” this idea:

    … the expansion of the Help to Buy scheme is greeted with scepticism by some newspapers.

    The Daily Telegraph fears it could be rather too successful for its own good, pushing up house prices.

    The Times feels the initiative is an understandable response to helping people get onto the housing ladder – but says it is the wrong one.

    The paper believes it would be better to increase the supply of housing and ensure small businesses have access to capital.

    What is needed, suggests the Guardian, is a building programme to address the shortfall in housing.

    Instead we have another housing bubble in the making, it warns.
    BBC News website 24 July 2013 Newspaper review

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