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Horsing around with our supply chain

The BBC News Website reports (10 February 2013 Horsemeat scandal: French supermarkets pull beef products):

A Swedish brand Findus supplying British supermarkets employed a French company Comigel to make its ready meals, our correspondent says.

To get meat for its factory in Luxembourg, Comigel called on the services of another French firm Spanghero. This company in turn used an agent in Cyprus, who in turn used an agent in the Netherlands, who placed the order at an abattoir in Romania

Yet our Environment Secretary, John Gummer Owen Paterson,  confidently says (citation):

he would eat withdrawn meat products because “they pose no threat to human health”

and (citation)

There may well be more bad news

Our health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, says (citation):

he was confident patients eating food in hospitals were not being put at risk, and emphasised that it was fraud issue, rather than a food safety issue

How do they know?  All we do know is that the meat in some of our processed foods is not what it says on the label (given the complexity of the supply chain – is that a surprise?).  So we know that we cannot trust the labels and there is no guarantee that the fraudsters that Owen Patterson holds responsible have been careful that the meat that they substituted was of good quality.


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One thought on “Horsing around with our supply chain

  1. All processed beef products are safe to eat but consumers must be prepared for more unwelcome news.

    Horsemeat scandal: Beef products ‘pose no health risk’

    That may be so, but the problem is with the products that claim to be beef but may not be. Some of them are “horsemeat products” – presumably the above government quote does not cover such products.

    I find government assurances as reliable as a Findus product label

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