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Ding Dong ( © Leslie Thomas )

BBC Newswatch (12 April 2013 20:45 News Channel): Two viewers commenting on Thatcher coverage – one from Glasgow and one from Tunbridge Wells.  This is getting beyond satire!

From Glasgow complaining about sycophantic reporting; from Tunbridge Wells disgusted about lack of respect!

In respect of the Munchkins’ song, Auntie appears to have her knickers in a twist (homage to Leslie Thomas – ding dong!)

Ceri Thomas, head of BBC News said he thought the coverage was “Overall ‘absolutely respectful'” – but the BBC had to cover all views.

The Conservative chairman of the Commons culture, media and sport select committee, John Whittingdale, said the BBC’s decision was a sensible compromise.

I don’t think it would have been right to have allowed the Chart Show to have been hijacked for political purposes and had they played the whole song, that would have been the consequence,

Then what happened last Wednesday afternoon (10 April 2013) on BBC2, BBC News, BBC Parliament, never mind the endless retrospectives and specials and repetition of “our greatest leader ever”?  I fear that many broadcasting channels will be hijacked tomorrow (Wednesday 17 April) for the “warrior’s funeral”.

The Head of Radio 1 wanted to bear in mind the sensitivities of Mrs Thatcher’s family.  So he said they will talk about the fact that so many downloaded it.  Thatcher’s family and friends (probably) won’t have listened to Radio 1 (better things to do and – possibly barring her grandchildren – probably not part of Radio 1’s demographic), but may be upset to know that so many have downloaded the track – in which case talking about it (making it a news item on so many channels!) will upset them further.  The track is short (51 seconds) – just play it without comment – it’s the munchkins for heaven’s sake!

I think however the reactionary right have played this wrong.  How might it have gone?

Eleanor:  Sebastian, isn’t it beastly how the oiks are playing that tune?

Sebastian:  No, Ellie, they are just showing their ignorance.  The Munchkins were celebrating the death of the wicked witch of the East.  They thought she had been crushed by Dorothy dropping a house on the witch.

Eleanor: So Sebs, what you are saying is that it is an allegory for Margaret destroying the Eastern Block!  How spiffing!  We must celebrate Dorothy as an ally and friend.

Sebastian:  Yes, I guess we are all friends of Dorothy.

Eleanor: How do I “download” the song?  And why do I need an iPad – I thought iPads were things that Gran-mama uses?


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