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Discipline with Bite?

I wrote recently about how (Association) Football seems to live in its own world.  Today we see further evidence in its parallel justice system.

Last Sunday (21 April 2013) we saw on television a footballer assaulting a fellow competitor.  The police who witnessed the attack declined to do anything (apparently the victim did not want to press charges).

Today (BBC News Website 24 April 2013: Luis Suarez 10-game ban: FA punishes Liverpool striker for bite) the attacker got a 10 week suspension from the FA . (Why if the  attacker “did not want to press charges”?)

This highlights two issues:

1.  Our police take a namby-pamby attitude to (surely criminal) assaults seen by millions.  They do not need the victim to testify to get a conviction, so why not acknowledge the deterrent effect of taking one of these prima-donnas to court and convicting him?  For a second offence surely he should be jailed? Possibly for more than “10 weeks”.

2. The FA (in common with some of the “professions”) run a parallel justice system.  Our press howls with rage about some communities adopting some aspects of Sharia Law, but seems to accept that the FA can stand in place of our courts.  In this instance we see a result that many may wish our courts had imposed, but we do not ask why the Police/DPP do not take action over events that seem to breach the criminal law rather than merely the rules of the “beautiful game”.


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