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Biased BBC

“A letter from a reader”

Dear Sir,

I am apoplectic, so apoplectic that I feel I should write to you even during the broadcast of the Queen’s Coronation Anniversary Service.  What does the BBC think it is up to?

When the late Baroness Thatcher died her funeral was covered on BBC1, BBC1 HD, BBC News Channel, BBC Red Button, Radio4 FM, Radio4 LW, Radio5 Live and BBC Online. You sir, suggested that this was over the top and that you did not have the capability to watch all these channels at once. That sir, reflects on your incapabilities more than anything else.

Have you looked at the coverage of Her Majesty’s Coronation Anniversary Service? I checked the above channels to see what they are carrying. Would you believe it, there is less coverage of our Queen than of our late Prime Minister. Radio 5 Live is carrying a discussion programme “Victoria Derbyshire” – I checked that the presenter’s name was not indicative of a Royal programme – apparently not. And the BBC Red Button – covering the Springwatch Tits!

I am furious. Can’t the BBC put as much effort into celebrating our Queen’s 60 glorious years as they did to celebrating Baroness Thatcher’s 18 years? They have after all had more time to prepare.

The BBC is not run by pinkos – they are damned republicans.  Something must be done,

yours disgusted etc.


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