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Is the CoE Episcopal?

I always understood that the Church of England was an Episcopal church – meaning that it was one where authority was vested in bishops.

I fail to understand how your view on the gender of your bishop can permit you to individually decide whether you accept the authority of a bishop.

Either you believe that the church should be preserved in its first century form with first century attitudes toward women, or you believe it should modernise to address twenty-first century issues.

If you happen to hold to the “doctrine” that your bishop must be a man, and you bishop happens to be a women:

  • Tough, get used to it, and accept the authority of your women bishop, or
  • You move to a diocese which currently has a bishop whose authority “you can accept” (and be prepared to continue to move)
  • Get out of this particular Episcopal Church

It is a total nonsense that particular people with particular views should have their own “flying bishops” (nearer to angels?) able to come into another bishop’s diocese to pander to the prejudices of refusniks.

I read that the Church of England Synod is to vote again on female bishops, but that “protection for dissenters” has been reduced. (BBC Website 5 July 2013 Women bishops on agenda as General Synod meets in York). (Note that there are no balancing proposals to allow flying “modern bishops” to cater for those who do not like their misogynistic bishop.) This is typical Church of England; it is still a fudge, but slightly less of a fudge.  They have fudged the de-fudging!

Either you are an Episcopal Church that believes the gender of your bishop is irrelevant, or you are not.

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