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The Sun shines on the North

I am not a fan of the Sun and would be quite happy to see its current form “filtered” off the News-stands and away from the eyes of both easily corrupted school-boys and anxious uncertain school-girls, but sometime even misogynist dinosaurs can hit the mark.

OUR Royals seem to enjoy long lives.

But even without those good genes and the best possible medical care, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge would probably still live seven years longer than a boy born in the North on the same day.

That is the grim reality of the North-South divide that seems impossible to bridge. The simple truth is that richer areas are healthier.

Any Prime Minister who could substantially narrow that gap by focusing on generating wealth in the North would save countless lives.

And go down in history as a great.

The Sun 25 July 2013: Sun Says

It highlights a major inequality and points towards the only sustainable way to address that inequality.

William Beveridge identified five evils: squalor, ignorance, want, idleness and disease. His report that in effect set up the welfare state (now apparently so “disliked by 70% of the people“) sought to address the impact of these evils by social insurance.  He must however have been well aware that the causes also needed to be addressed.

There is a dislike in this country of “dead money”.  So many people would rather be paying higher mortgage payments to a lower rent – because “rent is money that is dead and gone”.  Despite the argument that we should see mortgage payments as being a mix of rent (long-term entitlement to occupy) and investment (in hoped for long-term capital growth) this feeling is being tapped into by the Tories who have created a feeling that welfare payments to individuals is, like rent, “wasted money”. The Tories however seem reluctant to address the alternative (the mortgage equivalent – the investment for long-term growth).  Perhaps this is because the investment has an element of collectivism about it and “collectivism” is another Tory pet-hate.

Yet the “Tory” Sun calls for wealth generation in the North – through government, nay, Prime Ministerial action.  In doing so they are calling for action that addresses the major cause of Beveridge’s five evils.

One of the approaches to “Quality Management” in industry is that of “root cause elimination” – championed by Crosby (no relation!) amongst others. He advocated that problems should not happen and that constantly addressing the consequences of problems (what he call “fixes”) would not eliminate those problems.  You had to have a process to discover and remove the “root cause”.

Perhaps “Welfare Payments” are “fixes” addressing the consequences, whilst “Wealth Generation” may just be the “root cause removal” of the under-lying problem.

You may dislike fixing the problem – but compassion says you should continue to do so.  What is unforgivable is to refuse to address the root cause.  It is unforgivable both to those who you leave on welfare, to those who pay for the welfare and to the country as a whole due to the waste of unused capability (the North used to be an industrial power-house developing most of this nation’s wealth).

Now having given a web link in the initial quote to an organisation that publishes soft-porn pictures – it’s Nicole, 20 from Bournemouth today – (surely the “starter drug” for those who will go on to the “harder stuff”), will this post be blocked and filtered out in Cameron’s brave new sanitised world?

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