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Keeping Track of the Blooming UKIPpers

In case anyone is losing count of the UKIP MEPs – the group possibly poised to head next year’s poll, let’s have a look at what has or is happening to the last lot.

Name Constituency Party Notes
Stuart Agnew East of England UKIP
Gerard Batten London UKIP
John Bufton Wales UKIP
Derek Clark East Midlands UKIP
William, Earl of Dartmouth South West England UKIP
Nigel Farage South East England UKIP
Roger Helmer East Midlands UKIP
Defected from Cons March 2012
Paul Nuttall
(current Deputy Leader)
North West England UKIP
Marta Andreasen
(former UKIP Treasurer)
South East England Conservative Defected February 2013
Godfrey Bloom Yorkshire and the Humber Independent Whip Suspended & left UKIP Group of MEPs September 2013
David Campbell Bannerman
(former Deputy Leader)
East of England Conservative
Defected May 2011
Mike Nattrass
(former Deputy Leader)
West Midlands Independent Deselected & left Party September 2013
Nikki Sinclaire
(former Party Secretary)
West Midlands Independent Expelled January 2010

Being deputy leader appears to be a bit of a risky position – holding other positions may not be much better!


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One thought on “Keeping Track of the Blooming UKIPpers

  1. Updated the above to reflect:

    Godfrey Bloom, the politician censured last week for joking that party activists were “sluts”, says he is quitting the UKIP group in Europe.

    In a statement he said he intends to sit in the European Parliament as an independent until the end of his term.

    He said he had “felt for some time” the party was no longer for him.
    BBC News Website 24 September 2013 Godfrey Bloom quits as UKIP MEP after ‘sluts’ joke row

    So that is 5 of the original 12 have now defected, left or been expelled.

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