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Regal Pensions

He [Prince Charles] warned a National Association of Pension Funds’ (NAPF) conference that the current focus on short term investing was “unfit for purpose”.

He added: “I can only urge you to deploy your considerable human ingenuity to make that innovative and imaginative leap that the world so badly needs.”

“Otherwise your grandchildren and mine, for that matter will be consigned to an exceptionally miserable future.”
BBC News Website 17 October 2013 Prince Charles warns of risk to future pensions

I think Prince Charles is right in highlighting that to provide for long-term liabilities (such as pensions) you need to take a long-term view. It is rather sad that he needs to do so and that this is seen as a novel idea!

What does strike me as strange is that the heir to the throne believes that his heir’s first child has to worry about his pension.

Whilst others may discuss the rights and wrongs of a monarchy, I think everyone acknowledges that one of the roughest aspects of a sovereign’s life is that they are in it until they drop – they are not allowed to retire. So no pension for HM the Queen, nor for the future Kings; Charles, William or George.

Unless of course Prince Charles knows something about Monarchs starting to retire! (Which I believe would be a mistake; the answer to old age in a monarchy is load-sharing as seen with Prince William doing his first investiture today.)


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