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Immigration Hysteria has got the weather-vane spinning

We (the United Kingdom) are a member of a club called the European Union. Now UKIP and some Tory backbenchers do not like this and have been shit-stirring now that we are a few weeks away from the lifting of restrictions on free-movement of Bulgarian and Romanian labour within the whole of the EU. The Europhobic press have also jumped on this band-waggon (and given it a good push). Anyone would think that the entire population of those two countries are at this very moment packing ready to come the whole way across the continent to the UK in January.

The weather-vane that is our Prime Minister feels that he has to comment on this – and a bit more substantially than the twits that “he” puts out about breaking news stories. Basically, he wants to ignore or break the rules of the club. As a “club” man, he should know better.

Mr Andor, … who is commissioner for employment and social affairs, said there was “hysteria” in the UK on the issue of immigration and the latest proposals “risked presenting the UK as a kind of nasty country in the European Union”.
BBC News Website 29 November 2013: Immigration: Cameron hits back at EU’s Andor in ‘nasty’ row

I am inclined to agree with Mr Andor. However Flashman has taken offence!

In response Cameron is reported as saying:

I think it is completely unacceptable for Commissioner Andor to say what he said. …

Britain is one of the most open, generous, tolerant countries anywhere in the world, and to suggest otherwise is quite wrong.

But what’s important is that our generosity and tolerance shouldn’t be abused.

Commissioner Andor shouldn’t say that, his salary is paid in part by British taxpayers, and I expect better behaviour in the future.

Commissioner Andor’s salary is partly paid by the “British taxpayer” because he is employed by a club of which we are a member. Commissioners have a duty to their employers – that club, the EU – and this probably includes trying to head off any country that wants to ignore or break the rules.

Presumably if we are to enter a “benefits war”, Cameron is prepared to see other member states withdraw their facilities from British Citizens living in the EU – I can’t see him being prepared to refund the costs of providing those facilities to our fellow EU Countries.

No, Cameron does not like to be criticised – it makes him rather nasty – and petty; “I expect better behaviour in the future”.You almost expect Cameron to send Andor junior on a punishment run!

For the record it does not look as if Commissioner Anders was suggesting that Britain is other than “open, generous tolerant”, he was merely suggesting that Cameron’s latest proposals “risked presenting the UK as a kind of nasty country”. Cameron has got so tense he has muddled his tenses and cannot see the difference between past and present and future conditional.

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