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“Whatever it costs”

Our dear Prime Minister is deeply concerned about the flooding in the Thames Valley around Oxfordshire (where his constituency is), Buckinghamshire and Berkshire (where Theresa May’s constituency is).

Money is no object in this relief effort. Whatever money is needed we will spend it.
BBC News Website 11 February 2014: UK floods: PM says money ‘no object’ in relief effort

Nice to know.

There was weather damage elsewhere in the country before:

One year since a landslip caused the main route into Rothbury to collapse, how are residents coping?

“Life goes on, we just get on with it. We’re tough in Rothbury.”

Butcher Morris Adamson reflects on the 12 months since a landslip on Boxing Day caused the main route into the Northumberland town to collapse.

The B6344 at Rothbury was closed on 26 December 2012 after it cracked in four places and slid towards the river.

Deemed “highly unstable”, it has been closed since and will remain shut until at least August 2015.
BBC News Website 26 December 2013: Landslip-hit Rothbury road: ‘Life goes on’ for community

but, hey, we’re all in it together! Money is clearly a problem here.

It is interesting that the major area of disruption is in the South. Would we have had similar coverage if the disruption had been in the North? Just the rantings of a “chippy Northerner”? Who remembers a few years ago when a market town in the North had its water main swept away in floods and was without mains water (to homes, schools, care homes, a hospital and businesses) for 12 days? (For those that don’t remember – or who never knew – see Government Website paper. Consumers received no compensation.)

So why when a little money would have helped these Northern towns was there so little interest and so little urgency, yet when there is flooding in the South …. ? (Kudos and Karma to Nick Robinson for his asides on this issue.)

Being flooded is devastating (I have not mentioned flooding in Morpeth or Carlisle – where some homes were re-flooded the following year before residents had been able to move back in after repairs and drying out), yet lack of money in other spending areas can cause even greater devastation to people in a region.

After three years of Tory austerity to see the Prime Minister’s selective largess is truly unifying.


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