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Countering UKIP

The UKIP Euro campaign is well under way and has got the old parties rattled. So much so that they plan a joint reaction.

The first cross-party campaign to condemn Nigel Farage’s party as racist is to be launched this week amid fresh polls showing UKIP may come first across England in the European elections in May.
The Guardian (and others) 28 April 2014: Ukip condemned by cross-party group for running ‘racist’ campaign

I don’t like UKIP and see them as a symptom of our current political problems and the old parties reluctance to address these problems.

But, I would not be surprised if this campaign fails to hit home and actually back-fires, just as Westminster “bullying” of the Scots Nats backfires.

Part of the attraction of Scottish Independence is to give two fingers to Westminster. The reaction from Westminster shows that they are rattled – two fingers received!

Part of the attraction of UKIP is to give two fingers to the Westminster parties – and UKIP’s intolerant attitudes are part of the attraction to the more belligerent members of the electorate. A unified reaction by parties they see as discredited will do very nicely thank-you.

We have a problem with our Westminster system in that a growing proportion of the electorate feel alienated from a system that does nothing for them and where all parties seem oblivious to this alienation but continue to kowtow to those with money and power.

The Scots can escape; those of us who can’t escape will find other ways to express our disgust and disillusionment. It is a pity that so many feel the best way to do this is to lend their support to an intolerant, reactionary, little Englander party.

It’s a pity the Greens are so damned reasonable – why Caroline Lucas was even acquitted of recent charges – totally unsuitable as a receptacle for protest votes.

(Isn’t it wonderful how when the spellcheck highlights “UKIP”, you can click on “Ignore Always”?)


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One thought on “Countering UKIP

  1. Peter on said:

    Perhaps a ‘Little Englander Party’ is actually what the people want. Having been deprived of being English for so long, ‘Little Englander Party’ sounds very appealing, and I for one am all for it.

    At the moment we have ‘Money is all that Matters Party’ in power in league with ‘Sell our souls Party’ with ‘Let Everyone in Party’ in opposition. None of those sound very appealing.

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