Outside the marginals

a commentary on the politics that followed the UK 2010 & 2015 elections

Striking the Strikers

In another attempt to spread peace and goodwill the Conservatives are proposing:

  • at least half of eligible union members to vote in order for a strike to be lawful
  • a three-month time limit after the ballot for the action to take place.
  • unions to set out on the ballot paper the exact form of action they were proposing
  • a vote on each aspect of the dispute

Summarised from: BBC News Website 18 July 2014 : Tories outline strike law manifesto pledge

This is an interesting idea; “democracy” requires 50% consent of all and proposals should be disaggregated and implemented within 3 months. It might be more widely applied:

In a general election, the same principles would mean:

  • For an MP to be elected he or she must get the support of 50% of the electorate
  • MPs’ mandates run out after three months – implement your promises or they lapse!
  • The Ballot paper should list the manifesto commitments
  • We should be allowed to vote on each of these commitments

This could have interesting implications for the running of the country.

Even assuming that any MPs would be elected, no major change would happen because (except for legislating for snooping), Parliament cannot pass legislation within three months.

To elect a Government it might be necessary to introduce some form of transferable voting so that MPs can gather the required support by asking us to give them our Alternative Vote.

We would probably never vote for standard rate taxes, but vote for a super-tax on the wealthy (if offered). Likewise we would probably support other punitive proposals effecting other minorities. Nasty.

Trust the conservatives to produce really radical ideas that if applied to the country would totally paralyse it. The ultimate in small government.

Surely what they want for the Unions should be what they want for the rest of us?


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