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Twitter – Anti-social media?

The Sophos Security Blog reports:

Twitter is taking people’s favourites and injecting them into others’ newsfeeds as if they were retweets.

The move is causing harrumphing among people who mistakenly thought their favourites were private.
Naked Security 19 August 2014 : Twitter injects favourites into newsfeeds, but is it an ‘invasion of privacy’?

Once again we get concerns that a “free service” (read: a service where we volunteer to be the product), is trying to set the expectations of their users/products.

There is some interesting use of language:

“Social” media has the scope to be profoundly “anti-social”
“Favourite” does not necessarily mean “and I want to tell everyone”
“Like” no longer means “like”.
“Free” may be “free of immediate direct money cost” but is not “free from cost”

Any dominant player where the business model relies on “doing stuff with user data” is potentially a danger to privacy. We need new business models that get away from this  – but we have to realise that if we want to be users and not product we have to move away from the “something for nothing” expectation.

What in reality would be the monthly cost of a subscription to a user-centric and not a data-centric Twitter, facebook etc. and what value do we put not just on our privacy but on the security of knowing that we do not have to be constantly on our guard for new invasive techniques?


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