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Waking Up to “Waking up to a ‘self-mutilated’ UK”

In London, the Tory mayor Boris Johnson said Scotland going independent would be “an utter catastrophe”.

“We are on the verge of trashing our global name and brand in an act of self-mutilation that will leave our international rivals stunned, gleeful and discreetly scornful,” he wrote in the Daily Telegraph.
BBC News website 8 September 2014 : Scottish independence: Darling denies No campaign ‘panic’

Wake up and smell the coffee, Boris! Your mate Dave set things up so that the “we” you refer to are powerless and disenfranchised. What you say may well be true, but consider how the franchised (in Scotland) will react to your outburst:

So what if the UK’s global name is trashed, we won’t be part of it, it’s your problem.

I despair at the arrogance, incompetence and complacency of the Westminster Unionists who seem to be intent on illustrating to those in Scotland why they should vote for independence.

The idea that with ten days to go you can produce a comprehensive (un-mandated) “plan for something better” after a “No” vote is preposterous and with no guarantee of being delivered. OK, there is no guarantee that “Scotland’s Future” can be delivered either, but that battle has been lost and the inability to deliver will not be found out until we all get bogged down in fractious negotiations post “Yes”.

We have seen “coalitions for change” before. At the last election all three major UK parties talked (for weeks prior to the election) about reform of the House of Lords but (despite months of discussions post-election) there has been a complete failure to deliver even those aspects that overlap.

The Westminster Unionists seem to have lost the argument (and the plot); they disgust me – I just wish I could also leave them. The only way that there will be a “No” vote is the possibility of a collective loss of nerve by the Scots fearful of the consequences of fractious negotiations post “Yes”. But on the other hand there is also the possibility that David Cameron could go up to Scotland and campaign – he is quite capable of thinking it would make a difference.


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One thought on “Waking Up to “Waking up to a ‘self-mutilated’ UK”

  1. From being very much in the NO camp only a few weeks back, I am now tending to hope that there is a YES vote. Personally I see no benefit at all for either Scotland or the remainder of the UK if there is a split, but a close NO Vote leaves me worried.

    Just how much UK money will the likes of Dave and Boris be prepared to see travelling north of the border in order to keep the Union? There appears to be no limit as far as I can see, on the bribes they are offering for a NO vote, funds that no sensible person could reasonable turn down if it was offered to them. These funds will of course come from the already under-funded majority of England, and not from the M25 financial ‘black hole’.

    I can now see the only good result for England being a YES vote, if only from a financial viewpoint, otherwise the situation will continue to get worse.

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