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a commentary on the politics that followed the UK 2010 & 2015 elections

Tackling injustice in our country

How do we tackle injustice across our country?
Ed Miliband speaking in Cumbernauld 10 September 2014 – On BBC News Channel 14:10

If Ed really wants to promote this line he has to tackle the separatist plan which starts:

  1. Redefine “our country” to one that is a Tory free zone.
  2. Start changing policies

It’s the “So What?” question again. Ed does not like what is happening in a Conservative dominated UK.

So What, it won’t be our country, it will be your problem

Miliband claims:

We can create a more socially just society together.

Yes, if you are thinking of the United Kingdom – we (in England, Wales and Northern Ireland) desperately need the Scots and their Socialism and Social Democracy to counter the reactionary Tories and UKIPpers who would otherwise dominate remnant UK. But if you no longer identify with “the UK”,  that argument falls on stoney ground.

All these “bleatings” from Miliband, Cameron, Clegg and numerous “English” celebrities that “we love you” and flying the Saltire won’t wash. It’s too damned late.

The question that has to be answered is:

What can the rest of the UK do for Scotland?

Why else would people who feel they are Scottish before they are British want to be associated with the rest of the UK?

Miliband’s “emotional arguments for ‘NO'” are arguments that would appeal to the English, but we don’t have a say. We will take a say at the next General Election, but I am worried what we will do:

  1. Kick out the failed Unionist PM?
  2. Kick out the Lib Dems who made a brave attempt at reform in the early years but have become irrelevant?
  3. Elect a Labour party that will struggle to form a majority administration? Or,
  4. Elect the “party that speaks for England” – which (post “YES”) is what UKIP will claim to be despite their name?

Without the Scots the outlook for social justice in a post YES remnant UK is dismal – but that won’t be Scotland’s problem.


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