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Bullying – Mr Dour vs Mr Cocky

The Scottish Independence Referendum seems to boil down to:

  • Scotland’s Future promises the world – an un-negotiated package presented as a certainty.
  • “Mr Cocky” claims that a “YES” will be Scotland’s Sovereign Will and should be respected and that “Mr Arrogant” should grant everything in Scotland’s Future.
  • Many who identify as Scottish before they identify as British, want this to be so.
  • “Mr Dour” (and others) point out that Scotland’s Future is only a prospectus and we do not know that it will be granted.
  • “Mr Arrogant” and friends says it won’t be granted and predict quite a different outcome to “Mr Cocky’s”.
  • “Mr Cocky” (in full bluster mode) calls this bullying.

But who is the bully?

In the event of a “YES” (by those living North of the Border), “Mr Cocky” plans to impose a settlement on those living South of the Border – and across the Channel (North and English). The latter have been given no voice but are expected to kowtow to the “Sovereign Will of the Scottish People” – with no thought for their “Sovereign Will”.

Sounds like bullying to me.

When being bullied your options are limited.

  • Appease – give the bully what he wants, or try to buy him off with something slightly less
  • Run away
  • Fight back – often in kind.

If instead of appeasing, the option to fight back was selected what might happen? It won’t, so it can only be a thought experiment.

  • Suppose England was voting for independence from the rest of the UK (and preferably Westminster as well – but that is not an essential part of this thought experiment).
  • “Mr Arrogant” publishes England’s Future, a set of promises to English Nationalists promising them that Independence is virtually cost-free and claiming that our rejected neighbours, through an act of benevolence will accept all the obligations and liabilities proposed.
  • England does not want to change currency, so will impose a currency union on the countries it is rejecting. Those countries will have to maintain reserves so as to not threaten the economy of newly independent England. England retains the right to set interest rates and to devalue/revalue the currency via mechanisms like Quantitative Easing (printing money).
  • England wants a different immigration policy to the countries it is rejecting, but does not want “a border”, so it expects those countries to keep their immigration policies in line.
  • Those countries start to complain that this is unreasonable and that if England wants to be independent, it should be “independent” and separate and not seek to impose un-mandated obligations on other “Sovereign peoples”.
  • England says this complaining is “bullying” and the complainants should stop interfering in “England’s Sovereign Will”.
  • England votes for independence (the rest of the UK has no vote and no voice), and seeks to impose England’s Future on the peoples of Britain.

Who is the bully? Parallels are not exact, but is none-the-less thought provoking. It is not unknown for a small beastie to bully an older bigger beast.

And to cap it all, if the wee beastie wins on Thursday – that is change forever. But if the big beast wins on Thursday, the wee beastie will continue fighting and bullying in a “neverendum”.


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