Outside the marginals

A commentary on the politics that followed the UK 2010, 2015 & 2017 elections

Answering Questions

Paxman:”Did you borrow too much?”, “Did you spend too much?”

Miliband won’t say “yes” or “no”.

Is this indecisiveness, an unwillingness to answer a question, dishonesty, or frustration with questions being asked in a simplistic way?

How do you answer reasonably completely – before being interrupted by the next question?

“Yes” or “No” is brief and succinct – but not very illuminating. A “yes” or “no” however would give ammunition to your opponents.

I doubt that the last Labour Government had planned to spend so much and regretted having to – particularly since so much of the “undesired” spend was spent on propping up those capitalist institutions called banks whose high bonus earning executives had just about bankrupted us.

But that is a little bit more than a two or three-letter answer.

If the commentariat could hold back from their macho yes or no type questions, we might get the opportunity for more illuminating answers. Would the politicians then give those more illuminating answers or would they waffle to fill time?


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