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Facebook Party Invites

It’s very simple to make a mistake:

A Dutch girl’s 16th birthday party turned into a real-life version of Project X last night after she forgot to put any privacy settings on her Facebook invite. The result was a 4,000-strong crowd …
Daily Intelligencer, 22 September 2012 : Dutch Girl’s Party Disaster Serves As a Reminder to Use Facebook’s Privacy Settings

Sometimes the mistake is bigger:

A teenager from Hertfordshire who mistakenly posted her address and phone number on Facebook to publicise a birthday party ended up with 21,000 promised guests.
Daily Telegraph, 20 September 2010 : Girl, 14, fears 21,000 party guests after Facebook invite blunder

Do we now have a situation where a National Leader has “issued an invite” without really being aware how many people would pick up on the invite and come?

We live in an internet age – and messages can be transmitted worldwide (and scrambled in transmission and translation).

People seeing “the invite” may not realise whether the invite applies to refugees, asylum seekers, refugees seeking a better life,  or economic migrants (if you can tell the difference).

The invite was not really clear as to which countries it was directed.

The neighbours have not been consulted before the invite was issued and now feeling a little p***ed off about being expected to put up the surplus guests.

But the invitee will end up with a lot of people that it needs to do jobs like cleaning up after parties.

Not a very good advertisement for European cohesion.


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