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Gideon, I’m so proud of you

UK Chancellor George Osborne has been praised by Chinese state media for focusing on business ahead of human rights during his visit to Xinjiang.

The Global Times said he was “the first Western official in recent years who focused on business potential rather than raising a magnifying glass to the ‘human rights issue'”.

Mr Osborne has spent the past five days in China to boost trade links.

He has said he raised human rights privately during his visit.
BBC News Website 25 September 2015 : Osborne praised for ‘not stressing human rights’ in China

I mean money trumps everything, doesn’t it?

The Uighurs of Xinjiang  are after all only plebs, and foreign plebs at that and Muslim to boot. So yes, it’s fine for the British Chancellor to go to China and do deals with the Chinese.

Mr Osborne said “we raise human rights, but we do it in the context of also talking about issues like economic development”.

He also says he wants to bring their approach to places like the North of England – as if we don’t already have enough problems.

Are we now seeing morality-free politics – everything must be seen “in the context of … issues like economic development”?

And he wants to be the next PM! Theresa and Boris look better everyday! I think.


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