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Trident as a job sustaining scheme

So Labour is not going to even discuss Trident renewal.

Some trade unions are against scrapping Trident because it will cost jobs but Mr Corbyn says Britain should ditch its “weapons of mass destruction”.
BBC News Website, 27 September 2015 : Labour conference: Delegates will not debate Trident

This unfortunately speaks volumes about Labour and the Unions.

Leaving aside the morality or even efficiency of Trident as a means of killing your enemies, I suspect that it is not a very efficient means of sustaining high technology jobs. Spending the equivalent on economic development elsewhere probably represents better value for money.

So being against scrapping Trident because it will cost jobs seems perverse – or block-headed.

Now, whether we believe that Trident is:

  • a genuinely independent deterrent that we could operate independent of the Americans,
  • is a weapon that we would use outside a situation where the Americans (if they are still our allies) are not lobbing a massively greater number of weapons in the same direction,
  • is a weapon which is adequate to protect us against the Americans (if they are no longer our allies),
  • value for money when it comes to killing people,
  • is morally acceptable.

is a completely different set of questions.


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