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A1 overnight works: single carriageway working

I think it should be widely known:

Motorists are being warned they face nightly disruption while resurfacing work is carried out …
[The A1] will be reduced to a single carriageway while work is carried out, between 18:00 and 06:00 with traffic lights in place.
BBC News Website, 28 September 2015 : A1 roadworks to lead to delays

To many the idea that the A1 (in places a four lane motorway) will be reduced to single lane working controlled by traffic lights seems barely credible – even if this is only overnight.  But what if the works over-run into the rush hour – it would be chaos!

But this is a BBC story in 2015 and it’s not April the 1st.

Ah, so you’ve now looked at the story. What do you conclude:

  1. Oh, thank goodness, it’s in Northumberland, it won’t affect me, or
  2. ‘struth, is the A1, “The Great North Road” linking the UK capital to the Scottish Capital, really a single carriageway road in Northumberland?

If you conclude the second, is that an acceptable situation:

  • For the North East?
  • For keeping the UK together?

Pub Quiz Question:

  • If you want to drive from Newcastle to Edinburgh using dual-carriageways – say you are delivering a wide load (or you just want to drive at up to 70mph) – what is your route?


Newcastle to Edinburgh by Dual Carriageway

Newcastle to Edinburgh by Dual Carriageway:
381 mi, 6 hours 5 mins (by single carriageway roads 120 mi, 2 hours 23 mins) – Mapping by Google™

Remember this is the A1 (In Huntingdonshire)

But this is also the A1 (In Northumberland)


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