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Cameron should keep out of the Remain Campaign

David Cameron’s “reforms” are so pathetic and he is so “invested” in them that the net effect of his involvement could damage the “Stay” / “Remain” / whatever it is called campaign.

Animated BrexitHe announced that he would only serve two terms as Prime Minister – not necessarily to the relief of all (the old Thatcher era mantra of “hold on to nurse for fear of something worse” applies). He is a lame duck Prime Minister and the “EU deal” is so miserable that he will have to work very hard to make it look like a suitable legacy for his prime minister-ship. This will be a distraction – sort of “noises off”.

He should step back now and get on with governing the country – as it is, it looks as if many of his cabinet are more interested in leadership manoeuvres over the next four months than running their departments.

His “reforms” are irrelevant to the decision on 23 June. The negotiations may if anything have used up considerable goodwill amongst other EU leaders and make future membership less cordial. To some the “Cameron reforms” – to our relationship with the EU, not to the EU itself – if anything makes the EU as an institution more dysfunctional and less attractive.

If Cameron can be kept out of the Remain Campaign – rather than leading it by default; If his “renegotiation” can be relegated to its deserved position as a mere footnote to the European debate; perhaps we can then examine the key question:

Is the EU as it is now, sufficiently worthwhile, on balance, for the UK to decide that remaining is better than trying to quit?

Cameron is too pre-occupied with his legacy and Conservative Party gaming to effectively lead – or even take a major role in – the Remain campaign.

But then who should?



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