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What a way to decide!

I don’t like to say that the “British People” – averaged out – are incapable of making big decisions, but the various Quit/Stay campaigners are making it very difficult and illustrating why referenda are not necessarily a good idea.

One side says something and the other side promptly says they don’t know what they are talking about.

One side “produces” an opinion from some influential person or group and that person or group promptly get rubbished by the other side.

Now we see someone, who a few weeks ago was “agonising” about which side to support, saying we should leave because the EU is trying to do the same as Hitler. And he had to agonise about which side to support – or is he just trying to grab headlines?

This “campaign” is dominated by hyped, dodgy or just plain phoney statistics and claims. The problem is that unlike a General Election, we the electorate cannot “punish” campaigners who make false promises.

The FibDems memorably made a promise in 2010 which they broke and in 2015 they paid the price.

In this referendum campaign, either side could make any promises or claims with no accountability.

  • If we leave on a false claim, there will be no going back.
  • If we stay on a false claim, the chances of another referendum in a generation is next to remote.

It does rather make you doubt the wisdom of having a referendum – unless the two campaigns can start acting responsibly.

And when Hitler gets invoked, it’s time to switch off.


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