Outside the marginals

A commentary on the politics that followed the UK 2010, 2015 & 2017 elections (and THAT referendum)

The (Current) Coalition Government

The Conservative Party has delivered the referendum.Now back to working with colleagues to deliver the reforms we pledged in our manifesto

As the polls close, worth reflecting on fact that we delivered pledge to have referendum. Now the Conservative party can come back together

Historic referendum vote is over, I’m proud a Conservative gvt gave British people their say. Now time for our party to come back together.

The brass neck! (Do I detect a party line?) They have been casting doubts on each others’ honesty and integrity and knocking seven bells out of each other with even more vigour than they attack Labour at General Elections.

Somehow I don’t think a twitter squall is going put Humpty Dumpty back together again. If the septics have won, the ill-feeling from the stayers (who have complained about numerous lies) will be immense. Likewise if the septics have lost they will call ‘foul’ continue to agitate for Brexit.

It is very obvious that the Conservative Party is a coalition of at least two parties. Time to be honest and recognise this fact.

If Cameron does not have a morning of the long knives it will prove that he is totally in hock to the septics. He needs to realise that they doubts his integrity, he doubts theirs and they are not his allies.

If he does not decide to resign what-ever the result he should face facts and form a minority “Real Conservative” government and defy the septics. They could always say that they would prefer a Corbyn government and vote him down in a vote of confidence.

We have seen today a poll where every vote might potentially count – in stark contrast to general elections in which most seats are safe seats. We are seeing high turnout figures – people recognise that this vote could make a difference.

If our electoral system valued our votes we could have a political system where “normal” people could have a real say with effective votes which elect a House of Commons that is representative of all shades of opinion in the country. Such a system (STV) would make it possible for this rotten coalition to split into two viable political parties.

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