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Leave has lost the plot

How out of touch can you get? Vote Leave were always saying that the remainers were “out of touch”. I suspect it is not unique to one sect or the other but endemic in Westminster.

Leading Vote Leave figure Gisela Stuart says EU citizens in the UK have been “left in limbo” since the referendum.

The Labour MP will head a research project on how to protect their rights after the UK leaves the EU.
BBC News Website, 16 August 2016 | EU citizens ‘left in limbo’, says Vote Leave MP Gisela Stuart

Just how out of touch is she!

  1. This is an entirely predictable outcome of the Leave campaign
  2. It is a desired outcome for many who voted Leave, the campaign promised “We want our country back”.

Being in or out is surely like pregnancy; either you are or you are not. If you are “taking back control”, you don’t immediately give it away.

The clear implication of leaving the EU (something I voted against) is that EU citizens will lose rights and will have to go home and once home they can apply under some sort of “Australian Points based system” for the right to come to the UK.

(And presumably any “illegals” will also get an “Australian based system” of control, being shipped to internment camps on some convenient offshore island. Step forward Guernsey?)

The natural corollaries of all this are also equally predictable:

  • UK citizens resident in the EU will also have to come home. Presumably our social and health services will be sufficiently staffed to provide adequate services to these predominantly elderly UK citizens.
    • I guess we could plunder the health services of far-east countries to find the labour necessary to keep our health and social services running. Apparently this is the acceptable face of immigration (don’t ask, beats me!)
  • Some of these returning UK citizens will presumably be willing to take up residence in vacated houses of multiple occupancy. This seems to be the default accommodation for too many migrants. The alternative will be an increase in the housing crisis.
  • Crops (particularly fruit and veg) will either:
    • rot un-harvested, or
    • alternative picking arrangements will have to be made
      • eventually more mechanisation of farming (long term solution and expensive).
      • massively increased agricultural wages to encourage UK citizens to do hard back-breaking out-door work (and corresponding increases elsewhere as companies in all sectors compete for manual labour – short term solution and inflationary).
      • conscription of the unemployed to do that work (no more European Human Rights to stop the government doing this).
      • drawing in of masses of overseas labour!
    • Alternatively we just import our fruit and veg. (Migrant cauliflowers anyone?)
  • As soon as we bring in immigrants to solve any of these problems, voters will shout “Betrayal!”

Leave has got to work out how to “give us our country back”, preferably in reasonable order, and without giving up “control”. Tough call, but they advocated it and a majority voted for it.


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