Outside the marginals

A commentary on the politics that followed the UK 2010, 2015 & 2017 elections (and THAT referendum)

Is Trump an Alien?

A simple question that I have been asked; one deserving a simple answer.

The evidence?

He is distinctly odd, the hair is not quite right, the skin tone isn’t quite natural, and the hand gestures (the oscillating index finger & thumb linkage as if he is massaging the core of a toilet roll) and the similarly rounded mouth shape are not quite human.

He (if that is the correct pronoun) could be a very well transformed alien. But the aliens have not got it quite right. He also lacks the polish of proper human behaviour. If the alien has a good learning mechanism this may improve. However the appearance cannot change without giving the game away.

Trump’s confused admiration for Mr Putin (seen by some via pictures of him riding half naked on horseback as a gay icon) also points to programming or learning failures.

This is dangerous because aliens by definition have alien powers and you only need to see the sense of rapture of so many at his rallies to realise that he has an irrational hold over many people.

If he is not a “flesh and blood” alien it is possible that he is an android deposited on Earth by aliens for some purpose. But either way what is that purpose?


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