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Twitting about Wire-Taps

The latest morning tweets from Trump allege that Obama wire-tapped him. He offers no evidence (hard to get in in 140 characters), but demands a Congressional investigation.

This could be just more early morning venting. But it might (possibly) be more subtle.

Trump is in danger of being mired in accusations of basically being in hoc to the Russians.

So far he has denied these accusations as “fake news” – which has gone down well with “his base”. He has recently been on the campaign trail “taking directly to his supporters” without the “mainstream media” distorting what he says. He has been rapturously received.

Perhaps he now seriously believes his own power and that he has sidelined the media and that he can make these accusations without the normal journalistic support of evidence. At first glance this looks merely like creating a distraction from the “Russia Accusations”. It might be more.

If there is an investigation into his “Russia Links” it is very possible that real evidence comes to light based on US spooks wire-tapping the Russian Embassy. This is not meant to happen, but I don’t think anyone would be surprised if the US secret services have some means of monitoring the communications of the Russians.

Suppose that one of the calls they monitored was between the Russians and someone close to Trump – even Trump himself. If this was the case it would be embarrassing to Trump – but his distraction “ace” would be “see, I told you the Obama administration was tapping my communications!” (66 Characters, so easily fitting into a single tweet)

I think Trump believes that his supporters would accept such an outburst as an “explanation”. It would be sad if a US President really believed that was the case; it would be even sadder if US citizens swallowed such a distraction.

He is a master of distraction.


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