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The Leave Means Leave March Route

The route for the above march has been taken down from their website. This is presumably to stop counter-marches from finding them – or to hide the fact that they are not walking the entire distance.

So as a public service:

16th March: Sunderland – Hartlepool

17th March: Hartlepool – Middlesbrough

18th March: Middlesbrough – Swainby

19th March: Aldfield – Wetherby (30 miles missing)

20th March: Wetherby – Pontefract

21st March: Nostell – Doncaster (6 miles missing)

22nd March: Wadworth – Worksop (12 miles missing)

23rd March: Mansfield – Beeston (27 miles missing)

24th March: Beeston – Cropston

25th March: Leicester – Oakham (6 miles missing)

26th March: Corby – Wellingborough (14 miles missing)

27th March: Towcester – Padbury (21 miles missing)

28th March: Aylesbury – Beaconsfield (14 miles missing)

29th March: Chiswick – Parliament Square (21 miles missing)

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