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What to do when the system fails you?

John Curtice writing today (16 July 2014) on Democratic Audit says:

Labour needs to watch the Greens because the Greens are potential alternative form of protest for Lib Democrat voters as are to some degree UKIP.
Democratic Audit 16 July 2014 : Five minutes with John Curtice: “The problem facing the Conservatives is that so far this is a voteless recovery”

I think all parties need to watch both the Greens and UKIP but not just as parties of protest but as serious potential challengers. First Past The Post (FPTP) electoral systems like ours tends to concentrate power into the hands of the least unpopular parties – usually giving the least unpopular an absolute majority on a minority vote. So the big two / three may think that the next election is a private battle between the three of them (at least in England). They could be wrong. Read more…

Nastiness (part 3 of many) KensalNacht

The Independent Reports:

Home Office officials have conducted a series of “racist and intimidatory” spot checks to search for illegal immigrants in the wake of the Government’s “go home or face arrest” campaign.

Officers wearing stab vests have conducted random stop-and-check operations near stations in the London suburbs of Walthamstow, Kensal Green, Stratford and Cricklewood over the past three days,. …

Onlookers described their shock at the operations, with one member of the public saying it was akin to “Nazi Germany”. The Labour MP Barry Gardiner has now written to the Home Secretary, Theresa May, demanding an investigation into the checks which he said violated “fundamental freedoms”. The raids come just a few months after Ms May took direct responsibility for immigration from the disbanded UK Border Agency.

“We do not yet live in a society where the police or any other officers of the law are entitled to detain people without reasonable justification and demand their papers,” Mr Gardiner wrote. “The actions of your department would however appear to be hastening us in that direction.”

Witnesses who saw the operations in London claimed the officers stopped only non-white individuals, and in Kensal Green said that when questioned, the immigration officials became aggressive.

Independent Website 1 August 2013 Exclusive: The new stop-and-search – spot checks near stations in hunt for illegal immigrants 

Why am I not surprised? Read more…

Bishops and Establishment

The established church has reserved seats in our legislature and the Church of England currently reserves these places for men.

Some churches claim that episcopal authority can only come through men (because the apostles were men).  Such churches also take a literal even fundamental view of the Bible – but they are not a part of our legislature.

The Church of England seems to be spending all its time trying to maintain internal unity – an unfitting way for the established church to behave.  Yet the “unity”  seems to be increasingly fake.

Read more…

By George (2), a Bradford Spring!

Another George is in the headlines and outside the marginals a parliamentary seat has changed hands. (Ref: George Galloway wins Bradford West by-election,). BBC News 30 Mar 2012).  Unfortunately I suspect it is a one-off, but underlying this result there may be a “crack in the dam”. Read more…

Camera-on Camera-off; Gord-on Gord-off and the Elephant in the Room

Should we be surprised that our prospective leaders seem to have a surfeit of faces?  Possibly it is an occupational hazard.

Regarding the Rochdale Rumpus, is it a minor micro-gaffe amplified (literally) by the press who have been on permanent gaffe-watch?  It depends at what level you view the event. Read more…

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