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Thinking the Unthinkable

In March last year (2019) I drafted but did not publish a post trying to get my mind around what one should do if totally convinced that the government is seriously misgoverning the country. Does your duty as a citizen over-ride your duty to our (imperfect) democracy?

I did not publish because I was troubled by the conclusions that I thought I was coming to and could not answer the challenge as to whether I would follow my own prescription.

The concerns that caused me to start drafting still remain. In addition we now have a government that is so seriously incompetent that fellow citizens are dying.

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The Leave Means Leave March Route

The route for the above march has been taken down from their website. This is presumably to stop counter-marches from finding them – or to hide the fact that they are not walking the entire distance.

So as a public service: Read more…

Who will provide the next opposition?

A while ago whilst feeling frustrated watching a usually unedifying episode of Question Time I tweeted a poll asking:

Who will provide next opposition

Now a few self-selected votes is about as far from a representative sample as you can get and the response possibly indicates that SNP supporters watching Question Time are more likely to click on polls! However  Read more…

Copeland and the Search for Opposition

The Copeland by-election result is being played as “disastrous” for the Labour Party and is once again raising questions about the Labour leadership. In some respects the Labour Leadership is not the issue – but a search for opposition is.

In this respect we have to be careful about reading too much into the Copeland result. Read more…

Reasons to be Fearful – 1,2,3

  1. Putin
  2. May
  3. Trump

Possibly in that order! Read more…

Ruling out partners

Will you rule out a coalition with?

Will you rule out any formal agreement with?

Will you rule out any agreement with?

These questions come from the politicians, the dimblebariat and members of the public (presumably learning from their elders if not their betters)

These questions should be banned. I know, what about “free speech”, but … Read more…

Campaigning in: Hexham

Basically, don’t bother – unless you are Conservative in which case do a bit of token campaigning to show that you are not taking the voters for granted.

Why? Read more…

Hidden Coalitions

I recently pondered the coalition permutations that might follow the forthcoming General Election in May 2015. Today I was considering the hidden coalitions in our current parties.

If these hidden coalitions could be unbundled, we might see some more appropriate permutations, which means more stable coalitions possibly with more support. Read more…

“If you don’t vote, you can’t complain,”

“If you don’t vote, you can’t complain,” Mr Hislop told them.
BBC News Website 12 March 2015 : Hislop says private-state school gap widening (answering questions from Schoolchildren.)

I could accept this slogan if I had a vote that had any effect. But we have a problem in that most of us are in constituencies where our vote is not going to make the slightest difference. It’s a similar situation with the slogan,

People fought and died for the vote; you have an obligation to use yours.

I don’t buy this either – but mean no disrespect to those who fought for a wider suffrage. The problem is the fight is nowhere near finished.

So, what’s to be done – in general and in May 2015? Read more…

Party Permutations

No party wants to admit that it will go into coalition with any other party – because they want to maintain the fiction that they will win in May. On the other hand they are being a little coy about ruling out possible coalition partners – because pragmatically they know they may have to “do a deal”.

So what can we work out for ourselves? Read more…

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