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Borderline considerations

“No we won’t need passports and there won’t be border controls”

“Will people face border checks?” “What a daft idea!”

How come? If Scotland has a more permissive immigration policy* than residual UK, will migrants continue to squat at Calais awaiting a chance to cross illegally into England, or will they hop on a ferry to Scotland and then just drift across the “open” England – Scotland border? Read more…

Scottish Independence

From “south of the border” (just) this issue seems to be becoming a bit of a mess. I don’t have a vote (despite Scottish roots) and do not envy those who do. The line between agreed facts and asserted aspirations seems to be very blurred. Perhaps this is inevitable as this is not an agreed “divorce” (c.f. the Velvet Divorce of the Czech Republic and Slovakia).

The vote is to leave the UK – “to be independent”, if the vote was that the UK be split, that would be different, but then everyone within the UK should have a vote.

There are implications – whatever the question – for the rest of the UK. Read more…

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