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Post “The Day” Reflections

Ok, I think it’s a disaster and I am livid at what I see as the way both campaigns – but particularly Leave’s – were run. (Remain was inept, but Leave at times seemed deliberately devious.) If I had been active in the campaign I would also be feeling sore.
But the deed is done and we have to accept the result even if we can’t respect it. But there are a number of issues that bear closer examination.

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Nudge Taxes

For a couple of months we (in England, UK) have had a “plastic bag tax” of 5p per bag. It is actually a compulsory levy as the proceeds do not go to the exchequer but to good causes.

What is remarkable is the impact this tax has had and how this compares to the uproar in certain areas about the idea of a sugar tax.

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Tax Credits

The Government seemed to be hell-bent on two objectives:

  1. Imposing severe income cuts on those least able to accommodate such cuts
  2. A truly ghastly political car-crash

Then they seek to create a “constitutional crisis” that can only be resolved by flooding the House of Lords with Conservative Peers to push through “Gideon’s grab”.

And yet it could have been so different. Read more…

Gideon’s Dictionary: Tax Credits

Every emperor, or prospective emperor, has to give the appearance of having “the common touch”. In view of the restricted background of our potential new emperor, I offer him a dictionary in the hope that studying it will help him understand the people he wishes to rule.

Tax Credits

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NHS Overspend: Truth or Dare?

What does [the overspend] mean for patients?

Patients can expect the same level of emergency and urgent care and there is no suggestion this will be compromised by the financial plight of trusts.

But as the year progresses and if financial problems persist, hospital chiefs may decide to allow waiting times for elective care and non-urgent procedures to lengthen.
BBC News Website, 9 October 2015 : What’s gone wrong with NHS finances?

But what does that mean for the finances? Read more…

Oxfam’s war on tax dodgers

Instinctively you reach to support Oxfam’s proposals for a bill which:

  • Makes it harder for big companies to dodge UK taxes and ensure they’re not getting unfair tax breaks
  • Ensures UK tax rules don’t encourage big companies to avoid tax in developing countries
  • Makes the UK tax regime more transparent and tougher on tax dodging

They want it introduced in the first 100 days – perhaps the urgency is such that MPs should work through the summer?

It is not easy though.

What is the difference between an “unfair tax break” and a rule framed to “protect our competitiveness”? Read more…

Personal Allowances

The amount individuals can earn before paying income tax will be increased to £10,600 in April.
BBC News Website 18 March 2015 : Budget 2015: What it means for you

So the low paid don’t pay any tax – and this increase makes no difference. The £1,000 savings allowance is a joke if you are already not paying tax. If you are not paying tax why should you have any interest in seeing public spending cut (or feel any gratitude to the Conservatives for raising the allowance)? After all if you don’t pay tax, it’s not your money! Read more…

Property Prices, Gains and Taxation

Ed Miliband got “done over” by Myleene Klass in November concerning property taxes.

On ITV’s The Agenda … Ed Miliband hardly got a word in edgeways, blindsided by a sassy attack from a well-briefed pop star, far harder to tussle with than a mere politician.
The Guardian 19 November 2014 : Mansion tax: most voters are with Ed Miliband, not Myleene Klass

This has to be a policy area loaded with vested interests and self-interest.

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Tax and Consent

In the UK because most of us are employees and subject to PAYE (Pay As You Earn – collected at source by our employer) we have little option but to pay our taxes. However it appears that some people and corporations view taxation as an optional inconvenience.

We think we have little choice but it is said that one of the problems affecting Greece is widespread avoidance of tax by all kinds of people.

… its fiscal woes are also due to a simple fact: tax evasion is the national pastime.
The New Yorker 20 July 2011 : Dodger Mania

Consent to be taxed is vital if we are to fund our society. Is that consent in danger in the UK?

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Drumbeats from North of the Border

This week (27 November 2014) has seen the publication of the Smith Commission‘s proposals – seen by many as the first stage in delivering the three Musketeer’s Vow to the Scottish People.

Whether it proves to be an effective response to the apparent desire of the Scottish people for more autonomy is yet to be seen.

It does however set a critical and crucial drumbeat to which all in the UK must respond. Read more…

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