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Reasons to be Fearful – 1,2,3

  1. Putin
  2. May
  3. Trump

Possibly in that order! Read more…

What about the Elephants?

This (2015 UK) General Election seems to consist of lots of minor and pretty irrelevant skirmishes. The major issues seem to be un-addressed in the election.

So what are these elephants in the room? Read more…

I’m thinking what he’s thinking!

Today I find myself agreeing with Lord Howard – the former Conservative Leader, Michael Howard – possibly best remembered for his election slogan “Are you thinking what we are thinking?” – which was met with a resounding “No”.

He has shot back at the mayor of Calais – who has been complaining about the lack of action by the UK to stem the numbers of migrants loitering around that town waiting for a chance to sneak into the UK.

For someone who dislikes the whole tone of the Conservatives’ attitude to foreigners, finding myself agreeing with a politician whose politics are drier than Tio Pepe, is a little disconcerting. Read more…

The Evil of Female Genital Mutilation

The evil of Female Genital Mutilation is back in the news headlines again:

David Cameron has said female genital mutilation (FGM) and childhood forced marriage should be stopped worldwide “within this generation”.

Speaking at a global summit in London, the prime minister said Britain had no “special magic” to stop the practices – so global action was needed.

Mr Cameron has also unveiled measures to tackle FGM in England and Wales.
BBC News Website 22 July 2014 : FGM summit: Cameron calls for end ‘in this generation’

I find myself wondering if this is mere noise – window dressing if you like – an attempt to be seen to be saying the right thing about this despicable practice. We need to do more.

(This post contains a quote from the BBC Website which graphically describes the practices involved).

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