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We voted against Elites; the Elites consolidate

It has been said that much of the reason for the Brexit vote was people’s desire to vote against elites. So what has changed?

There are changes in the Conservative party and there are rumblings within the Labour Party. Read more…

Sordid and rather Sad

Two more MPs have been caught behaving, shall we say, “injudiciously” by a sting team working for Channel 4 Despatches. This time they snared “big beasts”, Jack Straw – former Labour Foreign Secretary and Sir Malcolm Rifkind – former Conservative Foreign Secretary and (until this morning) chairman of the Security Select Committee.

Sir Malcolm has now decided to join Jack Straw in retiring at the election in a few weeks time. They say political careers tend to end in death or failure and for both these politicians it is rather sad that well-respected careers should end on this note.

It is also slightly sordid. Read more…

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