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Globalisation and insecurity

Recent events have highlighted what a connected world we live in. Current orthodoxy seems to be to accept free trade and globalisation either as a force that cannot be resisted or as a “good thing”. Dissident views seem to be isolationist.

Whilst I see some interconnection as a good and useful thing, too much connectedness can hamper us – as we see in European nations’ reluctance to take action against Russia in protest against the situation in Ukraine. Most European nations seem to be convinced that Russia’s soviet ambitions are behind the Ukrainian unrest (and the “apparent” shooting down of the Malaysian Airliner). However they also know where their energy supplies come from. So they are rendered supine – huffing and puffing but not doing a lot.

We need to be more discerning about our alliances and who we associate with and who we do business with. Globalisation can lead to insecurity at the national level as well as at the individual level. Read more…


Finding the right place in the World

The naming ceremony of HMS Queen Elizabeth last week at Rosyth, Scotland was a reminder that the UK still has what many would see as grandiose (and expensive) ideas of its place in the world – ideas that would probably not be pursued by an independent Scotland.

Whilst part of me felt very proud of the idea that (once we have got the aircraft) we would have an ability to “project power” at least half of the time (assuming the second carrier never enters service), part of me is left thinking “what for”? Read more…

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