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First 100 Days

We are currently 71 days into this government and beginning to see its true colours. The “100 days” mark will occur during recess, so possibly it is worth reviewing how this “One Nation” government is doing.

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UKIP: Naive or something less savoury?

UKIP have been on the TV quite a bit recently specifically:

To be honest telling which one was fiction and which one was factual was difficult! Read more…

Keeping the Last Colony?

So the colonial masters have finally decided that they need to visit and tell the rebels that it is “just not on”.

If you want to persuade Scots that they should stay in the UK, you don’t at the last minute send in a triple pack of English Politicians to represent the old order. Read more…

Loss of Privacy – is not just over the Horizon

I am watching the BBC2 Horizon documentary on privacy Inside the Dark Web (Wednesday 3 September 2014). I have always veered between complacency and paranoia when it comes to personal privacy and the internet. I think I got it wrong; I have been veering between complacency and a genuine concern – and I need to recognise the latter.

It’s not just Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, but also Sir Tim Berners-Lee and David Chaum raising concerns. Read more…

Language Battles: BBC

I have commented previously about this Government’s strategy of fighting the language battle before introducing political change (Language Battles) and predicted that the next battle-grounds over areas to be “softened up” were likely to be Europe, Migration and the NHS. Listening to Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday (Wednesday 9 October 2013), I think I may have missed a target. Read more…

Conference Mischief: Energising Labour

On PM tonight (Radio 4 17:00 24 September) Douglas Alexander was being goaded by the interviewer as to whether some of the policies announced by Ed Miliband during his speech this afternoon “represented Socialism”. The interviewer, Eddie Mair, I think, was particularly concerned that the Energy Price Freeze was actually the re-introduction of Socialist Price Controls. Shock Horror! Read more…

Biased BBC

“A letter from a reader”

Dear Sir,

I am apoplectic, so apoplectic that I feel I should write to you even during the broadcast of the Queen’s Coronation Anniversary Service.  What does the BBC think it is up to? Read more…

Going over the top – a example of multi-channel broadcasting

The Thatcher Funeral was covered live on:

  • BBC1, (The “National TV Channel” must show “national events”)
  • BBC HD (“Because they can”)
  • BBC News Channel, (The “News Channel” must show this “News Event” in full to the exclusion of all else)
  • BBC Red Button, (The “out of schedule” facility must show this “out of schedule event”)
  • BBC Radio4, FM and LW (The “National Radio Channel” must cover “national events”)
  • BBC Radio 5Live (This is a live event so they must cover it)
  • BBC on-line (for those away from TV and Radio transmissions – even iPlayer).  Read more…

Ding Dong ( © Leslie Thomas )

BBC Newswatch (12 April 2013 20:45 News Channel): Two viewers commenting on Thatcher coverage – one from Glasgow and one from Tunbridge Wells.  This is getting beyond satire!

From Glasgow complaining about sycophantic reporting; from Tunbridge Wells disgusted about lack of respect!

In respect of the Munchkins’ song, Auntie appears to have her knickers in a twist (homage to Leslie Thomas – ding dong!)

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Korea Development

The BBC used a student group (from the LSE) as cover for secret filming in North Korea.  The BBC said the film was strongly in the public interest (BBC News Website 15 April 2013 BBC insists Panorama North Korea programme will go on).

Our assessment was that, at most, the likelihood was deportation, but we explained to the students that the risks might go beyond that – might include arrest, detention and the possibility of not being allowed back into the country.

It may be in the public interest – but the decision surely is not a binary yes/no one.  Public Interest cannot be a simple switch that justifies anything. Read more…

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