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Labour won’t find its soul by navel gazing

… last year’s election defeat could be reduced to two key factors – Labour’s failure to pay enough attention to “economic competence”, and the fact that “the public did not perceive Ed Miliband as a credible prime minister”.
The Guardian, 1 January 2016 : When are Labour party ‘moderates’ going to do more than just moan?

But behind that there is a rejection of Labour’s attempts to hold power by trying to ape the Tories – they can never be “better Tories than the Tories”. If unrestrained global capitalism is the name of the game you might as well vote Tory.

But if unrestrained global capitalism is not the name of the game … Read more…

Civil War & Transition Time

Civil war within the Labour Party is inevitable following Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader, …

Kim Howells said Labour must reconcile its differences to have a chance of winning the 2020 general election. …

[if still an MP] “I’d be bitterly opposed to the current leadership of the Labour Party.

“I’d be saying things that I believe about the need to win political power and a bunch of old Trotskyites are not going win political power.”
BBC News Website, 23 September 2015 : Labour Party civil war ‘inevitable’ after Jeremy Corbyn win

Well if those are words of reconciliation, I’m a UKIPper.

But Labour is in a bind Read more…

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