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Boris’s Dictionary: Brefugee

Every prospective emperor, has to give the appearance of having “the common touch”. In view of the restricted background of our likely new emperor, I offer him a dictionary in the hope that studying it will help him understand the people he wishes to rule.

Brefugee (1) noun:

British economic migrants sheltering from the folly of Brexit in the EU.We used to be called Brexpats but now Brefugees is more appropriate

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Fearing the worst

Today, we are a week away from EU elections in the UK (most Europeans vote on the following Sunday – when all the counts are done).

In the UK this election seems to be a proxy for either:

  • a General Election (that is certainly how the leaflet from Labour read)
  • a second EU referendum on various scenarios (Deal /No Deal, and Leave / Remain being the main almost unspoken options).

There seems little discussion of the future shape or policies positions of the EU Parliament. And yet this election could be pivotal and effect the shape and future of the EU.

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The Leave Means Leave March Route

The route for the above march has been taken down from their website. This is presumably to stop counter-marches from finding them – or to hide the fact that they are not walking the entire distance.

So as a public service: Read more…

Theresa’s Dictionary: Brexit (2)

Every empress, or prospective emperor, has to give the appearance of having “the common touch”. In view of the restricted background of our new empress, I offer her a dictionary in the hope that studying it will help her understand the people she wishes to rule.

Brexit (2)
[toht-l krap]

noun – intransigent: The undefined being negotiated by the unprepared in order to get the unspecified for the misinformed


A Failure of Parliamentary Democracy – the ongoing tale

Scope: UK Politics

All sides seem fed up with the way the Brexit negotiations have been handled, but in Parliament they seem so focused on Deal or No-Deal that they are not asking “why are we in this mess?”.

The answer would seem to be multiple failures of Parliamentary Democracy.

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Who is afraid of No Deal?

We are getting a lot of coverage of the prospects of No Deal in the UK’s Brexit negotiations. This could be because as we approach the cliff edge we are beginning to wonder what No Deal really looks like. But there could be other reasons. Read more…

Laboured Progress

Scottish Labour’s Brexit spokesman Neil Findlay said: “The shambolic handling of the Brexit negotiations so far is more about the chaos at the heart of the Tory party than securing an agreement that works for the people of the UK.

“If Theresa May cannot get her proposals through the commons she must call an election. Labour would deliver a jobs-first Brexit which means a customs union with the EU and tariff free access to the single market.”
Alistair Grant, Political Correspondent: The Herald, 10 September 2018, Scotland’s police and prosecutors ‘unable to prepare for Brexit’

This sums up the chaos in British Politics (No wonder so many in Scotland want out) Read more…

The Legacy of Cameron

There is much writing about the “bad boys of Brexit” – those who fiddled the referendum and spread the lies. But we have to remember the man who enabled the referendum and the resulting mess. Read more…

What if: Stop Brexit or Exit from Brexit

There is a growing demand for either:

  • A people’s vote on the final Brexit Deal. The options not yet clear but could include any permutation of:
    • Deal on Offer,
    • No Deal,
    • Continue Negotiation,
    • Abandon Brexit
  • Just abandoning Brexit as “too difficult”, undesirable or lacking a robust undisputed mandate.

But just calling for either of these options is insufficient. There is a danger of just reversing the current polarisation rather than healing the massive divisions in the country. (Never mind the divisions in the Conservative Party – until they are resolved the country will never have political peace.)

The question has to be asked, “what are the consequences of either of the above actions and how can they be managed?” It was failure to consider the consequences of a Leave vote (two years ago!) that has left us in our current mess. We want to get out of the mess, not just turn it upside down. Read more…

Mundell worried about Structural Damage: Scotland & Brexit?

The Secretary of State for Scotland has said he is worried about “structural damage”. However he said this in relation to the second fire at Glasgow’s School of Art (The Macintosh Building); I have not heard him say anything similar about the constitutional fire that his happening on his watch.

The “Scottish Question” is becoming more poisonous as the Tory Government in Westminster seems determined to implement its policy of “Brexit at all costs” – the “Will of the People” apparently. Read more…

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