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Being charitable towards the rich

If a non tax-payer donates £100 to charity the rest of us do not top up his donation.

If a standard rate tax-payer donates £1,000 to charity the rest of us top it up with “gift aid” of £250 (The charity receiving £1,250 – we contribute 20% of that amount to support the individual’s charity)

If a maximum rate (currently 50%) tax-payer donates £1,000,000 to charity the rest of us top it up with “gift aid” of £250,000 (The charity receiving £1,250,000) and then we give a further £375,000 back to the maximum-rate tax payer to “support his philanthropy” – we contribute 50% of the amount the charity receives.

So the richer someone is, the more we have to support their charitable urges – we have to be charitable to them – at the expense of other things on which our taxes could be spent. How so? Read more…

The Demographic Gap

With the increased emphasis on “Big Society” and the use of Charity, it is possibly worth pausing to consider where we are going to find the required army of volunteers and paid charity workers.  With the cuts being passed down (see No hope, not much faith, but more charity?), I cannot see the funds to enable charities to employ more people (at all levels).  Neither do I believe that the Government is so cynical that it believes all these volunteering jobs will be taken on by the newly unemployed – have you ever tried to explain to a Job Centre Minus advisor why you are not available for work or not searching for work full-time? Read more…

No faith, not much hope, but more charity?

The Coalition Government says that “Big Society” and the Voluntary Sector will pick-up some of the functions abandoned by the State (particularly Local Government). I am not so sure – particularly in my region (the North East of England). Read more…

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