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Gideon’s Dictionary: Tax Credits

Every emperor, or prospective emperor, has to give the appearance of having “the common touch”. In view of the restricted background of our potential new emperor, I offer him a dictionary in the hope that studying it will help him understand the people he wishes to rule.

Tax Credits

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Is work the be all and end all of success?

… speaking to Times columnist Danny Finkelstein at a fringe meeting at the Conservative conference, Mr Hunt [Health Secretary] said: …

“My wife is Chinese and if we want this to be one of the most successful countries in the world in 20, 30, 40 years time there is a pretty difficult question that we have to answer which is, essentially, are we going to be a country which is prepared to work hard in a way that Asian economies are prepared to work hard, in a way that Americans are prepared to work hard?

“And that is about creating a culture where work is at the heart of our success.”
BBC News Website, 12 October 2015 : Tax credit cuts promote hard work, says Jeremy Hunt

This all depends on how you measure success and what you are prepared to do to achieve it. Read more…

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