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The (Current) Coalition Government

The Conservative Party has delivered the referendum.Now back to working with colleagues to deliver the reforms we pledged in our manifesto

As the polls close, worth reflecting on fact that we delivered pledge to have referendum. Now the Conservative party can come back together

Historic referendum vote is over, I’m proud a Conservative gvt gave British people their say. Now time for our party to come back together.

The brass neck! (Do I detect a party line?) They have been casting doubts on each others’ honesty and integrity and knocking seven bells out of each other with even more vigour than they attack Labour at General Elections. Read more…

End of Term Report: Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats, possibly slightly to their surprise found themselves holding the balance of power at the last election and that led to them going into coalition. So how have they done in the last five years?

How do we measure what they have done? On one hand we can measure “how well they have governed” – if we can agree what we mean by “well”. On the other hand we can look at it from the point of view of raw politics. Read more…

Ruling out partners

Will you rule out a coalition with?

Will you rule out any formal agreement with?

Will you rule out any agreement with?

These questions come from the politicians, the dimblebariat and members of the public (presumably learning from their elders if not their betters)

These questions should be banned. I know, what about “free speech”, but … Read more…

General Election Prospects

Speaking in a personal capacity at the conference in Glasgow on Tuesday, Ms McGuinness told activists how she believed the next election would be contested.

She said: “Let no-one here fool themselves. The next general election campaign will be a really ugly business.

“The Tories will aim to buy the election, with the millions of pounds donated to them by their hot money hedge fund friends. Labour will seek to steal the election, relying on an electoral system so biased in their favour that 35% of the vote could deliver them 55% of the seats.”

UKIP would try to “hijack” the election, she predicted, turning it into an argument about Europe and immigration.

She added: “The one thing that will connect this collection of clowns will be a desperate attempt to marginalise the Liberal Democrats, for what they all fear, above all else, is that once again, the British people will put the balance of power into our hands.”
BBC News website 8 October 2014 : Bercow spokeswoman quits after Lib Dem speech

Leaving aside the slightly odd factor that one of the speaker’s spokeswomen was speaking so politically at a party conference (for which she has since resigned), is this a reasonable projection? Read more…

Manifesto: Introduction

We are now less than a year from an Election and there is much speculation about how various parties are going to do. Doubtless come the Autumn conferences we shall start to see policy proposals coalesce into manifestos.

It will be interesting (post “tuition fees”) whether parties are a bit more cautious as to what they promise or whether they will make “red line” statements that may inhibit any coalition formation.

Read more…

Impoverish the poor or soak the rich?

Suppose you want to raise £1M per week? How might you do it? I suspect the two sides of the coalition will have different views. Read more…

Disillusioned and still Disenfranchised

What a surprise, the forces of conservatism have won.

The fact that I have not posted for months underlines how I feel about UK politics – I just cannot see the situation changing other than the possible break up of the Union. Read more…

Standing up to the blackmailers

Lord Jones of Birmingham (Digby Jones formerly of the CBI and former goat) says we have to be careful that the banks do not decamp to the Gulf because the banks account for 20% “of the entire tax take of the United Kingdom” (BBC News Website 11 January 2011). Others have made similar points.  In effect the banks are saying “play the game our way or else”.  When the Krays did similar it was called a protection-racket and they were accused of intimidation (Met Police: The Kray twins).  The banks may not be literally and directly killing people, but when faced by blackmailers you have to do something. Read more…

A hard lesson for the Liberal Democrats

It seemed so easy; get photographed signing a pledge that you would oppose tuition fees and work to abolish them. But then you end up in Government and unable to implement your manifesto. No wonder students are giving the Lib Dems a look that would put them six feet under – or possibly 120 times that depth. Read more…

Conference Mischief

I am beginning to get worried (again) about the coverage of our political conferences.  This is mainly based on watching the BBC’s conference coverage (Daily Politics etc.) and Channel 4 News.  I am afraid that I have almost given up on the print media. Read more…

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