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Immigration Hysteria has got the weather-vane spinning

We (the United Kingdom) are a member of a club called the European Union. Now UKIP and some Tory backbenchers do not like this and have been shit-stirring now that we are a few weeks away from the lifting of restrictions on free-movement of Bulgarian and Romanian labour within the whole of the EU. The Europhobic press have also jumped on this band-waggon (and given it a good push). Anyone would think that the entire population of those two countries are at this very moment packing ready to come the whole way across the continent to the UK in January.

The weather-vane that is our Prime Minister feels that he has to comment on this – and a bit more substantially than the twits that “he” puts out about breaking news stories. Basically, he wants to ignore or break the rules of the club. As a “club” man, he should know better. Read more…

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