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First 100 Days

We are currently 71 days into this government and beginning to see its true colours. The “100 days” mark will occur during recess, so possibly it is worth reviewing how this “One Nation” government is doing.

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General Election Prospects

Speaking in a personal capacity at the conference in Glasgow on Tuesday, Ms McGuinness told activists how she believed the next election would be contested.

She said: “Let no-one here fool themselves. The next general election campaign will be a really ugly business.

“The Tories will aim to buy the election, with the millions of pounds donated to them by their hot money hedge fund friends. Labour will seek to steal the election, relying on an electoral system so biased in their favour that 35% of the vote could deliver them 55% of the seats.”

UKIP would try to “hijack” the election, she predicted, turning it into an argument about Europe and immigration.

She added: “The one thing that will connect this collection of clowns will be a desperate attempt to marginalise the Liberal Democrats, for what they all fear, above all else, is that once again, the British people will put the balance of power into our hands.”
BBC News website 8 October 2014 : Bercow spokeswoman quits after Lib Dem speech

Leaving aside the slightly odd factor that one of the speaker’s spokeswomen was speaking so politically at a party conference (for which she has since resigned), is this a reasonable projection? Read more…

What Carswell tell us about politics

Tory Douglas Carswell has defected to UKIP and quit as MP for Clacton, saying he will contest the subsequent by-election for Nigel Farage’s party.
BBC News Website 28 August 2014 : Tory MP Douglas Carswell defects to UKIP and forces by-election

This raises some interesting questions about Mr Carswell, UKIP and politics in general. Read more…

Economic Pessimism helps UKIP

John Curtice writing today (16 July 2014) on Democratic Audit says:

The fascinating thing about UKIP supporters is that some of its obvious position,; such as its anti-European, anti-immigration stance, are issues on which it is frankly impossible for the Conservatives to match the UKIP offer. But the other characteristic of UKIP supporters which is really important in my view is that they are economic pessimists. Actually in many opinion polls these days you will find that UKIP supporters are more pessimistic about what’s going to happen to the economy in general or their own personal finances in particular over the course of the next 12 months.
Democratic Audit 16 July 2014 : Five minutes with John Curtice: “The problem facing the Conservatives is that so far this is a voteless recovery”

Which is confirmed and boosted by the UKIP refrain that we no longer govern ourselves but are ruled by faceless bureaucrats in Brussels. In trying to counter UKIP, the Conservatives have not contradicted this refrain – thereby seeming to confirm it. Read more…

What to do tomorrow (Euro election day)?

I am fed up with this so-called Euro campaign and feel very unqualified to vote other than on purely tribal grounds. Trouble is I am not a tribal voter. Read more…

Conservatives and Interest Rates

Thatcher’s Government: “Interest rates must be high to protect the economy”

Cameron’s Government: “Interest rates must be low to protect the economy”

Can some economist please explain how two Conservative Governments can have such contradictory views? Read more…

Conference Mischief making (1 of many)

So The Independent on Sunday has done a poll that shows that activists from a left-of-centre political party would prefer a parliamentary coalition with the Labour Party.

According to the poll for The Independent on Sunday by the respected grassroots website Liberal Democrat Voice, four out of 10 party activists want the Lib Dem leader to form a coalition with Labour in 2015, while a further 15 per cent would like to see a Labour-Lib Dem “confidence and supply” agreement, whereby the third party is free to vote against the Government but agrees not to bring down the Government or vote against its Budget.

In a major blow to some senior Lib Dems close to Mr Clegg who are planning a second term of coalition with the Conservatives, only  15 per cent want to see this deal, while 6 per cent would back a Conservative-Lib Dem “confidence and supply”.
The Independent website 15 September 2013 Exclusive poll reveals activists would want to form a coalition with Labour in 2015

How very illuminating and depressingly typical of the sort of stirring that is done around the party conferences. It just provokes more stupidity. Read more…

Swivel-Eyed Loons

“BBC News Website 18 May 2013 13:14

Swivel Eyed Loons © BBC

Conservative Party members have reacted angrily to newspaper claims that a figure close to David Cameron described activists as “mad, swivel-eyed loons”.

Reports claimed a senior Tory blamed grassroots members for pressuring MPs to amend the Queen’s Speech.

This sort of headline is a gift (even to BBC website editors – does their Content Management System highlight which photos go close to which headlines?).  However it does cast an interesting light on the relationship between the Conservative Part of the Government and the “Conservative Party”, particularly when a number of Conservatives are feeling a little (U)kippered. Read more…

European Referendum

It would appear that Cameron has got his dog-whistle out again as he tries to pirouette on a pin over the European Referendum issue.

He seems to be trying to say we will have a referendum but it will not be an “in or out” referendum.  So what will it be on? Read more…

Elites and Elitism – the latest “row”

Earlier this month (7 April 2012) the papers reported “Shock and Oar” as a protester interrupted the (Oxbridge) Boat Race by swimming into the path of the boats.

The person concerned, Trenton Oldfield, has a rambling blog explaining (I think) that he was protesting against the Elitism typified by the Boat Race and claiming that “Elitism leads to Tyranny”.

Leaving aside that the boat race competitors were about as far away from the stereotypical Oxbridge student as is possible – often being specifically recruited athletes (many from America), there is an issue to tease out and examine about Elites, Elitism and being Elitist. Read more…

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