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Three ways to cut welfare

  1. Tighten eligibility criteria so fewer people can claim
  2. Reduce the actual amounts payable to specific claimants
  3. Create an economy where fewer people need to claim welfare

Which ways are the Tories pursuing? Read more…

Playing the percentages

Commenting on the benefit changes today (2 April 2013) a number of politicians seem to be saying that if you are poor / unemployed it is fair if you get a lower percentage increase in your income than the “strivers”.  When that increase is less than inflation you are faced with taking a cut – and that hits the poorest regressively – something many Tories either won’t or can’t recognise.

Looking at some examples surely illustrates this: Read more…

All in this together?

We are meant to be “all in this together” according to our Chancellor who also tells us that we are living beyond our means.  However, what “this” is and how we are “in it together” is open to debate. Read more…

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