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A Failure of Parliamentary Democracy – the ongoing tale

Scope: UK Politics

All sides seem fed up with the way the Brexit negotiations have been handled, but in Parliament they seem so focused on Deal or No-Deal that they are not asking “why are we in this mess?”.

The answer would seem to be multiple failures of Parliamentary Democracy.

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Gideon’s Dictionary: Democracy

Every emperor, or prospective emperor, has to give the appearance of having “the common touch”. In view of the restricted background of our potential new emperor, I offer him a dictionary in the hope that studying it will help him understand the people he wishes to rule.


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What about the Elephants?

This (2015 UK) General Election seems to consist of lots of minor and pretty irrelevant skirmishes. The major issues seem to be un-addressed in the election.

So what are these elephants in the room? Read more…

A bad day for democracy

It is a fantastic result, … Scotland has spoken, … we have had record turnout.

So, surely a good day for democracy?

If you believe that democracy is about a glorified opinion poll every so often, Yes.

But if you believe it means the people’s voice being heard and acted upon, No.

There will be disillusion, because Scots won’t get what they may have voted for, and the rest of us have not been consulted. Read more…

Giving Democracy to the World

There is a curious argument running under many “foreign” news stories – particularly concerning Africa and the Middle East.

There is an assumption that “democracy” (as defined by us) is a “gift” that we should impose on the rest of the world.

Does this really stand up to scrutiny? Read more…

Tomorrow’s Party

The (UK) Electoral Reform society has launched a short public consultation on what tomorrow’s party should look like.

Will Brett Head of Media at the Electoral Reform Society discusses it on Democratic Audit. Read more…

Improving Democracy: MPs with prior proper jobs

Yesterday’s Radio 4 PM (26 November 2013) discussion on the theme “Improving democracy” advocated the idea that MPs should have had a “proper job” for 10 years, should also have done some form of voluntary work and should possibly be paid more. Read more…

The Franchise

The blog Julian’s  Musings has recently been discussing “Universal suffrage” and this has had me trying to clamber through my thoughts about “entitlement to the vote”. Read more…

Improving Democracy: Sex balanced parliament

The BBC Radio4 programme PM is this week discussing ideas for “improving democracy”. Today’s idea is to produce a gender balanced parliament by halving the number of constituencies but then having each constituency elect (simultaneously) one man and one woman. Read more…

A Free Press?

What do we mean by a free press? Is it another marker of what we mean by a “modern democracy”? We have so many models. Read more…

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