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Plebiscite – Portillo’s Misspeech

Plebgate is the gate that keeps giving. Channel 4 seem to have proved that there was not enough time for the alleged exchange to have taken place and the ex Chief Whip claims he never used the word “pleb”.

But initially the story seemed to have legs, because I suspect most of us thought the exchange was possible – which is possibly why the story seemed to be so rapidly corroborated.  Read more…


Currying Favour with the Electorate

Downing Street then issued a statement: “To be clear, it is entirely false to suggest the Prime Minister would advise people they should wear jumpers to stay warm. Any suggestion to the contrary is mischief-making.”
BBC News Website 18 October 2013 Jumpergate – the story that wasn’t

Now the Tories have got into trouble with this sort of thing before with Edwina Curry advising people to use a cap (or take similar precautions). Read more…

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